The Thinman is the first creature "You" encounter and the most abundant. They are also the most common enemies that can be encountered in every locations.

Appearance Edit

As their name suggests, the Thinman physically appear as a scrawny-looking humanoid. It is slightly taller than "You" with brown/tan-colored skin and completely no face. Its head constantly twitches while walking around.

Behavior Edit

Type I Edit

A Type I variant of the Thinmen can be dispatched by using the Handgun or avoided entirely by luring them with Rotting Meat and hiding while they are drawn to its smell. They can be incapacitated with Flares. They are fairly perceptive, and will notice "You" if approach too close to them from behind or while feasting. They will always attempt to harm "You" whilst emitting a stark static noise upon detection and engagement.

Thinmen are found everywhere. They can endure up to 3 headshots before dying or can be shot in the knees by aiming low to make them stumble back. A good combination of attacks would be to shoot the knees, then the head, and repeat. Aside from being the first enemy the player encounters, they are otherwise unremarkable and are easily the least dangerous enemy in the game.

Type II Edit

The Type II Thinmen are found in Wing Court 2F (the first thinman "You" encounter), in the Wing Court 1F, The Basement and The City. They are slightly more resilient than Type I, and possess the ability to crawl along the ceiling in combat, and jump down. They will try to jump down behind "You", becoming vulnerable only to a well placed upward shot from the Handgun. During this time, they are unable to harm the player until jumping down, which can be a good opportunity for the player to run past the monster without killing it.

Type III Edit

The Type III roams The City and is almost identical to the Type II, with the only difference being that in addition to being able to climb ceilings, it also has the benefit of a ranged attack: when the player is within the range of a Type III Thinman, it can use its hands to spread open its face, revealing a cavity from which blood is propelled in a spray that harms the player majorly.

Trivia Edit

  • AlphaThinman

    The Thinman's original appearance.

    The Thinman's earliest design resembles what appears to be a skeletal humanoid. This is the only known monster to have its appearance redesigned at least once from the final game's release.
    • It is also originally going to be called "zombie".
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