The Trapped Room can be found in the basement with numerous doors surrounded by Fat Men. It is the third door down from the north hallways (with the top of the map being considered north)

Upon entering the room, You realize you cannot escape and begin to panic, as shown through dialog while attempting to open the door. While in the room, the screen goes red and has static, and your flashlight will repeatedly turn on and off until it is depleted. The use of the red pill will save You from panic, however, will not open the door.

It is currently unknown what the exact requirements are to escape, but the following are possibilities:

  • Flashlight battery depleted fully (This takes you the Man Who Wears a Box).
  • Shooting the walls 
  • Empty handgun (This may take you to Man in Blue)
  • Moving side to side prior to attempting to open the door
  • Certain amount of time spent in the room (As much as 20 minutes possible)
  • A combination of the above

Once you have escaped the room, entering the room again does not trap you inside again. It is recommended to save immediately after escaping, to save oneself from being trapped inside again.

It is possible this is a nod to the Silent Hill series, specifically in Silent Hill 3 where the main character is able to get similarly stuck in the Mirror Room.

  • "I'm doomed, I'm doomed!"
  • "I'm gonna die in here!" 
  • "I'm scared!"
  • "Somebody help me!"
  • "I'm trapped in here!"