Lone Survivor The Director's Cut (Launch Trailer)

Lone Survivor The Director's Cut (Launch Trailer)

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut is an update to the original game first released to the PS3/PS Vita on September 24, 2013. A free PC/Mac update was released on October 31, 2013.

General FeaturesEdit

  • Whole new lighting engine, also supports 1 extra hardware light
  • Many locations have additional lights and / or tweaked lighting
  • Anamorphic lens flare for the flashlight
  • New sleeping and game over music
  • New title screen and game over screen
  • 2 additional locations
  • New gamma settings, saving of gamma and aspect settings
  • New expert mode
  • Hundreds of small bug fixes, balance tweaks and improvements
  • Automatic monster-facing on gun-draw
  • A few small easter eggs
  • New short sidequest
  • Ending ‘collection’
  • ‘The Ritual’

Specific to New Game+Edit

  • Around 6 new locations
  • 2 completely new endings (White and Yellow)
  • 3 new songs
  • Over 20 new items
  • 2 new sidequests
  • New enemy
  • New dialogue for all characters in the game
  • Many other easter eggs that are better left unspoilt

Specific to PlaystationEdit

  • Trophies (including a platinum)
  • Cloud-save (cross-play)
  • French & German languages (EU)
  • Cross Buy (buy on one format, get both PS Vita and PS3 versions)
  • Controller support

Specific to PS VitaEdit

  • Touchscreen controls for inventory, option screen & textboxes

Specific to PS3Edit

  • Rumble

Saved GamesEdit

  • You can continue your saved game from The Original Cut in The Director’s Cut at any point, without any issues.
  • However, loading a saved game from The Director’s Cut will cause you to LOSE ALL NEW NEW GAME+ SIDEQUEST ITEMS. This is because The Original Cut does not include these items, and they will be trimmed from your inventory should you load the game in The Original Cut. All other aspects should work fine, but: BE SURE NOT TO CONTINUE A DIRECTOR’S CUT ‘NEW GAME+’ GAME IN THE ORIGINAL CUT.
  • One other point to note is that you will not lose your ending collection should you decide to play through The Original cut, so don’t worry about starting a new playthrough to check it out!

Returning To Original CutEdit

  • On Steam, right-click the game in your library, select ‘Properties’, go to the ‘Betas’ tab, type ‘sleepycat’ into the password field, and select ‘The Original Cut’ from the menu. You can opt-out of this version via the same menu at any time.
  • GOG has The Original Cut available as an optional download.
  • The version on the official website has the Original Cut game packaged in a folder called ‘TheOriginalCut’.