The Director
The director
"We're all in this together"



Found in

Apartment 204

An elderly man living/hiding in room 204. Supplies "You" with the ocassional item and will trade flares for bullets. He also enjoys the comic, "Sleepy Cat" (which he finds hilarious), and will trade tins of cat food for them. "You" grows very attached to The Director, if only because he's the first, and more importantly, helpful person he meets.

The Director helps You by continuously providing several useful items after their initial meeting. The Director seems to have a new item whenever you have had a dreamsequence or done something relevant to the main plot. To verify if The Director has a new item, merely tune in his radio station and you will get a short message relating to the availability of items.

The Director is also very supportive to "You" and will tell him to "Keep your chin up, kid" and during the first visit says "The world is yours kid, never forget that."

The Director is killed by Mother at the end of the game, directing the player to locate the hospital and lamenting the loss of someone dear before finally succumbing to his wounds and expiring.

The following items are verified as being given to "You" by The Director. Note that some items are only given if you have a good mental health. (Should add note of what items are depending on good mental health.)

His catchphrase "We're all in this together." is a quote from the Terry Gilliam film "Brazil". "Here's a looking at you, kid" is from "Casablanca", while "the world is yours" is from "Scarface". This implies he may be an actual (film/television) director.

It is also possible that The Director is The Man Who Wears A Box as he always seen with the same box on the floor next to him.