Sleepy Cat comics are found throughout the game, in the streets section. The Director will trade Cat Food for these.

Issue 1Edit

"Well, it's an intro to Sleepy Cat."

"Pretty funny, actually."

"It's like he just shows up somewhere, when someone's in trouble, and then he just goes to sleep."

"But somehow that seems to fix the person's problem... Every time!"

Issue 2Edit


"I don't know how he manages it"

"But sleeping seems to solve everything for our yellow hero."

"If only life worked like that!"

Issue 3Edit

"Oh, this one is priceless."

"Old Sleepy Cat got himself stuck down a chimney."

"He fell asleep mid-jump."

"All kinds of stuff went on in that chimney."

"Another classic."

Issue 4Edit

"It wasn't the best issue."

"More backstory to the Sleepy Cat universe, really."

"I guess they're setting up something big for the finale..."

Issue 5Edit


"Ha ha!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"That really was the best issue ever."

"It ended on a high note."