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Platinum Edit


True Survivor Edit

Collect all Lone Survivor: Director's Cut trophies.

Silver Edit


Fast Food Chef Edit

Eat You's favorite food.

You’s favorite food is the ULTIMATE CHEESEBURGER.

To be able to get it, you must be on your second play-through. Not only that but you must also have high mental health. In addition to all that, you must also try to give Sleeping Cat Plush, which you can find in your kitchen, to every person you see in the game to receive certain items.

Items you’ll receive:

  • Lettuce Leaves from Benzido in Chie’s Apartment
  • Sliced Cheese (found randomly in supply box in the supermarket)
  • Frying Pan from The Director in Apartment 204 (only after you received ESP)
  • Burger Bun from Hank in Gun Store (only after you gave him all Health Tonics)
  • Burger Patty from The Man Who Wears a Box during Green Dreams
  • Tin of Pickles (found in bedroom in Apartment 206)

Once you get all those items, cook a Burger Patty and combine it with Burger Bun to get Hamburger. Keep combining other items to get You’s favorite food. Eat it and go to sleep to unlock the trophy. It boosts Lone Survivor’s mental health a lot.

Fine Diner Edit


Eat ten kinds of different food.

Lone Survivor needs to consume food in certain periods to survive. There are more than 10 types of food in the game, both good and bad for Lone Survivor. Simply consume 10 of them to unlock the trophy. 

Note that cooked and uncooked versions of foods count as separate items, as well as combined food. Even though you can’t get every version as there aren't enough items to cook or combine, there are more than enough types of food to earn the trophy.

You can unlock this trophy on your first play-through.

Food items include:

  • Fruit Drops (from The Director, requires high mental health)
  • Squid on a Stick (lowers mental health)
  • Tin of Pickles
  • Tin of Beans -> Warm Beans
  • Irradiated Orange
  • Fruit Salad -> Special Fruit Salad
  • Fruit Rice Pudding <- Rice Pudding -> Hot Rice Pudding -> Hot and Fruity Rice Pudding
  • Prawn Crackers
  • Ground Meat (lowers mental health)
  • Delicious Ham -> Steamed Ham -> HAM’N’BEANS or HAM’N’PICKLES
  • Tin of Pickles
  • Beef Jerky
  • Cheese Crackers
  • Sliced Cheese -> Cheese ‘N’ Crackers
  • Tin of Cat Food (lowers mental health drastically)
  • Instant Ramen -> Cooked Ramen
  • Rat -> Fried Rat (lower mental health drastically)
  • Every version between Hamburger and ULTIMATE CHEESEBURGER

Barista Edit


Drink three cups of espresso, no more than once a day.

To make coffee or espresso, you need to get some items first.

You will find a Bucket on the first floor of the apartment complex in one of the rooms. You must place that bucket under the water leak inside the bedroom of Apartment 206 to be able to get 3 bottles of water per day. 

You also need an empty bottle, which can only be acquired by drinking a bottle of milk. You shouldn’t drink another one though because it’s spoiled and affects Lone Survivor’s mental health negatively, in addition to lowering his physical health.

To actually brew the coffee or espresso, you need a Kettle and Moka Pot respectively. Both of which can be gotten from The Director when you meet him for a second time. You must have high mental health for the Moka Pot though.

After you have all these items, you can brew coffee or espresso powders you find during exploration. 3 powders of instant coffee and 2 powders of ground espresso is needed to make 1 cup of each.

Simply drink only 1 cup of coffee OR espresso for 3 consecutive days to unlock the trophies.

Soda Jerk Edit


Drink a Chilled Mexican Cola.

You must be on your second play-through to be able to get chilled versions of these drinks.

You can find Can of Soda in several places during exploration. You will get Mexican Cola from Kenny if you offer him Sleepy Cat Plush.

To actually chill the drinks, you also need to complete the "Adopting a Cat" optional quest and offer Sleepy Cat Plush to your adopted cat for a special key. This key will unlock a door in hospital just before the end of the game and you will find a liquid nitrogen tank inside. Use this tank to chill the drinks and drink them right after.

Green Dreamer Edit


Witness all five Green Dreams.

To witness five Green Dreams, you must swallow a Green Pill before you go to sleep.

You will receive health, food items or batteries on random when you wake up, depending on which you need most. If you don't need any of those things, you won't get anything.

If you run out of Green Pills, you can find an endless supply of them in Apartment 206's bathroom, where you find Diary Page 2. You must use all the green pills you currently have to be able to get some more though.

Blue Dreamer Edit


Witness all five Blue Dreams.

To witness Blue Dreams, swallow a Blue Pill before you go to sleep.

You will receive Handgun Ammo if you are low on them when you wake up. You won't get anything if you don't need any ammo.

If you run out of Blue Pills, you can find an endless supply of them in Apartment 206's bathroom, where you find Diary Page 2. You must use all the blue pills you currently have to be able to get some more though.

Friend To The Fauna Edit


Feed all five tins of cat food to your cat

You will find the cat in front of the hospital for the first time. Approach him by slowly tapping the directional button. Stop if you see him change his posture to not scare him off. When you reach him, talk to him and give him one of the tins of cat food.

Your second encounter will be just outside of your apartment complex, left of the fire exit and door. Approach him slowly as before and feed another tin of cat food.

Get back to your apartment and use a tin of cat food in front of the fire exit door. The Cat will come inside, where you can name and finally adopt him. He will stay in your room from now on, feed him remaining two tins of cat food for the trophy. Also talk to him 5 times for Pet Lover trophy. You should talk to him and pet him daily as it positively affects Lone Survivor’s mental health.

If you happen to scare him off, just wait for another day and try again.

Friend To The Sick Edit


Give Hank all five health tonics.

You will find Hank inside the Gun Store, a little east of your apartment complex. He asks for Blue Pills but find and give all 5 health tonics you can find around the city to him for the trophy.

Health Tonic locations:

  • It's in the building, past Gun Store, where you have dancing dream sequence and acquire SW Key
  • Outside of Hospital near archway
  • In same street where you get the Crowbar, right next to it
  • Inside El Crab Shack building
  • On your way to crashed bus

Friend to the fellow man Edit


Give all five Sleepy Cat comics to The Director.

When you get outside of your apartment complex, you will get an ESP when you meet with The Director. Then he will ask for Sleepy Cat comics and will give you tins of cat food in return.

Simply find all five comics and give them to him for the trophy. Don't forget to read them first if you want to increase mental health.

Sleepy Cat Comic locations:

  • Go into the alleyway just next to fire exit stairs, it will be a little ahead
  • Inside supermarket, next to supply box
  • Continue past the supermarket and enter a new street, it will be a little ahead
  • Continue heading right after getting previous one and enter to another street, you will find it after first monster
  • Inside Superflat World arcade

Grounded Edit


Complete the game without using a mirror to travel.

Mirrors are like teleporters in this game. When you use a mirror, it will teleport you back to your apartment. When you use the mirror in your apartment, you will teleport back to the last mirror you’ve used.

For the trophy, you mustn’t use any mirrors throughout the game. This means, you’ll have to walk all the way back to your apartment whenever you need to. Attempt it on your Red Ending play-through. It will be easier as you need to kill as much enemies as possible during that play-through. You also won’t be able to eat and sleep regularly, which will also affect Lone Survivor’s mental health negatively and is useful for Red Ending.

Expert Edit


Complete the game in Expert Mode.

When you start a new game you will be asked a question. Answer “I know my way around” to start on Expert Mode. Expert Mode is not that much more difficult than Normal Mode. Enemies and Lone Survivor have the same amount of health and they deal same amount of damage. Lone Survivor gets sleepy or hungry at the same rate. Only difference is that there won’t be any [X] indications during game-play and you won’t be able to check your maps whenever you want.


New Man Edit

Discover the Green Ending.


  • Avoid killing monsters. (Use flares!)
  • ONLY take Green Pills, don't consume any other kind.
  • Overdose on Green Pills. No matter what the man in the dream says as this will help contribute to your Mental health in the Psyche report.
  • Eat proper food. (cooked or combined.)
  • Adopt a cat.
  • Don't eat 'bad food'. This includes Cat Food, Rotting meat etc.
  • Give Hank Health Tonic, possibly more than one.
  • Play GameJoy once a day.
  • Feed "Chuck" with a bottle of water every two days.
  • Don`t drink more than one coffee per day.
  • Pet the cat regularly.
  • Answer dream questions correctly.
  • Talk to Kenny and Benzido in Chie's "House Party".

Old Man Edit


Discover the Blue Ending.


  • Kill monsters with handgun whenever possible
  • Swallow pills (blue and red)
  • Eat dodgy food
  • Give Hank drugs
  • Sleep without reason and/or get exhausted often
  • Talk to Cat Plush often

Ways to decrease mental health include:

  1. Looking at mirrors. 
  2.  Shooting the Writhing Thing.
  3. Try to eat Rotten Meat.
  4. Eat Cat Food.

Demolished Man Edit


Discover the Red Ending.


  • Kill a lot of monsters.
  • Eat bad food, cat-food and Rats.
  • Give Hank drugs and suggest he end it all.
  • Threaten Chuck with scissors.
  • Play Soul Brother more than once a day.
  • Drink too much coffee or sodas. (More than once a day, because once is good for mental health.)
  • Attempt to eat Rotting Meat.
  • Eat food even when not hungry or hurt.
  • Kill helpless Fat-men.
  • Get hurt by monsters often.
  • Torture Hank with the flashlight/torch.
  • Eat more than one fruit drop a day.
  • Get the "exhausted" remark.
  • Sleep for no reason.

Peaceful Man Edit


Discover the Yellow Ending.


  • Achieve the White ending. (To achieve this ending, you must make Green ending)
  • Offer the Cat Plush to Chie on a new playthrough. (After talking to her once)

Gold Edit

Wise Man Edit


Discover the White Ending.


  • Have beaten the game at least once.
  • Avoid killing monsters. (Use flares!)
  • Don't swallow pills, except for the Green Pills. As there are questions in the dreams which contribute towards your Ending Rank in the Psychiatric Report.
  • Eat proper food (cooked or combined)
  • Eat the ultimate cheeseburger.
  • Listen to the music player.
  • Drink the chilled Mexican Cola.
  • Adopt a cat.
  • Give Hank Health Tonic more than once, eventually Hank will get healed.
  • Play Game-Joy once a day.
  • Feed "Chuck" with a bottle of water.
  • Don`t drink more than one coffee per day.
  • Pet the cat regularly.
  • Talk to the cat about the director
  • Answer dream questions correctly.
  • Talk to all survivors.
  • Offer the Cat Plush to everyone.
  • Make sure to go down the alternate hallway in the hospital, otherwise you'll get the green ending.
  • Do NOT shoot the Writhing Thing, or else you will be unable to enter the hallway even with S rank.

Antagonist Edit


Complete the game using one piece of rotting meat and no flares.

As it says in description, you can’t use any flares for this trophy and you can only use one piece of rotting meat, which is needed to get past the first enemy just outside your apartment. 

You have to depend on your handgun for this playthrough and kill any enemy you can’t get past otherwise. Killed enemies will stay that way and won’t bother you again. As with the previous trophy, attempt it while you are aiming for Red Ending. If you need ammo, swallow Blue Pills and sleep to get more ammo or give them to Hank at the Gun Store when you get out of apartment complex for a clip.

Pacifist Edit


Complete the game without firing a single shot.

Sneak past monsters, lure them using rotting meat pieces or use flares when you get them. You can finish the game without shooting or killing a single enemy.

If you need more flares, you can trade your handgun ammo with The Director. He will give you 3 flares for each clip (10 bullets).

Bronze Edit

Fusion Chef Edit


Combine ten types of food.

There are several food items for Lone Survivor to consume and survive. Some of these food items can be combined to increase their effect. You must open Lone Survivor’s inventory, choose one of the items, select Combine and use the other food item to combine them into new food.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough items that can be combined on your first play-through. You must be on your second play-through to get enough items to combine. Also Lone Survivor’s mental health must be high to be able to get/cook some of these items. Please check Fast Food Chef for more details on another combine-able food item.

Other combine-able food items include, must be combined in that order for whatever reason:

  • Sliced Cheese + Cheese Crackers -> Cheese ‘N’ Crackers
  • Irradiated Orange + Fruit Salad -> Special Fruit Salad
  • Fruit Salad + Rice Pudding -> Fruit Rice Pudding
  • Fruit Salad OR Irradiated Orange + Hot Rice Pudding -> Hot and Fruity Rice Pudding
  • Steamed Ham + Warm Beans -> HAM’N’BEANS
  • Steamed Ham + Tin of Pickles -> HAM’N’PICKLES

Iron Chef Edit


Cook five types of food.

There are only 6 types of food that can be cooked in the game. Some of these items require Lone Survivor to have a high mental health.

Food Lone Survivor can cook and items he needs:

  • Tin of Beans -> Warm Beans - Can Opener and Saucepan,
  • Rice Pudding -> Hot Rice Pudding - Saucepan,
  • Delicious Ham -> Steamed Ham - Cooking Pot (High Mental Health),
  • Instant Ramen -> Cooked Ramen - Kettle and Bottle of Water,
  • Rat -> Fried Rat - Saucepan,
  • Burger Patty -> Grilled Burger - Frying Pan (Special item - only on second playthrough, after fulfilling special conditions)

Please check Fast Food Chef for Burger Patty. 

Instant Ramen is found randomly inside a box in the supermarket.

Lone Survivor must kill a Rat that can be seen at several places before it can be cooked. This will reduce his mental health drastically. 

Gourmet Chef Edit

Gourmet Chef

Eat a Steamed Ham after combining it with another food.

There are only 2 Delicious Hams throughout the game, first of which can be found rather early in the game, while the other requires a high mental health.

If you are on your Pacifist run and aiming for White Ending, you won’t be able to cook the first ham and you should have high mental health to be able to get the second one near the end of the game.

Whichever one you decide to cook and get a Steamed Ham, you must first have a high mental state during your first encounter with The Director. If you do, he will give you a Cooking Pot along with a Saucepan. You need a Cooking Pot to be able to cook the ham.

Once you cook the ham, either combine it with Warm Beans (acquired after cooking Tin of Beans) or Tin of Pickles to get HAM’N’BEANS or HAM’N’PICKLES respectively. You will get the trophy once you eat it and go to sleep.

Coffee Aficionado Edit


Drink three cups of coffee, no more than once a day.

Go through the same procedure as you would to unlock Barista, but with coffee instead of Espresso.

Candyman Edit


Eat five fruit drops, no more than once a day.

You will be given 30 fruit drops when you meet with The Director for a second time, if you have a high mental health.

Simply eat only 1 fruit drop per day for 5 consecutive days to unlock the trophy. Eating 1 per day increases Lone Survivor’s mental health, on the other hand consuming more than 1 lowers his mental health instead. You can and should continue eating after earning the trophy to keep The Lone Survivor's mental health high.

Soda Aficionado Edit


Drink a Chilled Can Of Soda.

Follow the same procedure you would to unlock Soda Jerk, but use the regular soda rather than the Mexican Cola.

Communicator Edit


Attempt to talk to The Man Who Wears A Box five times.

When you start the game, you will see The Man Who Wears a Box on the second screen. Attempt to talk to him 5 times until he advises you to drink the espresso on the table and you will unlock the trophy later.

Detective Edit


Read all diary pages.

There are only 3 diary pages, that can be found early in the game, in different locations. Simply pick them up, open your inventory, go to third category and choose to read them. It appears the diary pages are not enough though and I'm not sure which ones actually count, so read all notes you can find, listed below. They can be found on your way to Chie's Apartment and you don't have to go out of your way to find them.

You will unlock the trophy when you read them all and go to sleep.

  • Diary Page 1 can be found in kitchen of your apartment.
  • Letter can be found attached to Wing Court Map, 2F just outside your apartment.
  • Crumpled Old Note 1 can be found inside a bedroom in Apartment 205, just before the tunnel section.
  • Diary Page 3 can be found in Fire Exit West, 2F
  • Pill Instructions can be found inside the bedroom of Apartment 206
  • Diary Page 2 can be found in bathroom inside Apartment 206’s bedroom.

Nobleman Edit


Give away a Delicious Ham.

At some point in the game, you will find some pills and instructions in Apartment 206’s bedroom. Read the instructions and Lone Survivor will mark a new location in Apartment 205.

When you go there you will find a can opener and a fridge, which contains the Delicious Ham.

When you go back to Chie’s place later, move past it and enter Apartment 202 instead. There you will find a hook in front of a door. Use the ham while standing in front of the hook to distract the monster in the room next door.

You will unlock the trophy when you go to sleep.

Schizophrenic Edit


See both versions of the dancing dream.

You will have a cut-scene showing the Man in Blue in a room while you are exploring the streets, it will be inside the building past Gun Store. When he asks if you know him, choose whichever answer you want (preferably the first one if you are going for Red Ending and second for White/Green Ending). When you start a new game, choose the other answer.

Gamer Edit


Play Soul Brother.

After you meet The Director for the third time, he will give you an ESP. It is a handheld console, which you can play with in your apartment on your kitchen couch. It consumes a battery but positively affects Lone Survivor’s mental health if played only once per day.

Muso Edit


Listen to your Personal Stereo.

You will get a Personal Stereo from The Director during your final meeting just before final boss, if you have high mental health and if you inspected Picadilly Records’ window in the streets.

Just like ESP, you can listen to it on your kitchen couch and it consumes a battery.

Companion Edit


Talk to Sleepy Cat five times.

You can find Sleepy Cat Plush on the washing machine in your kitchen when you start the game. Pick it up and talk to it 5 times to unlock the trophy when you sleep.

Pet Lover Edit


Talk to your fully-adopted cat five times

Please check Friend to the Fauna for more details.

Friend to Flora Edit


Feed Chuck.

'Chuck' the Plant is a plant, that is growing just outside of Apartment 206. 

To feed Chuck, you must find a bucket and place it under the water leak in the bedroom and drink a bottle of milk to get an empty bottle. The Bucket will provide you with 3 bottles of water per day. 

Simply fill the bottle, open your flashlight and interact with Chuck. Choose to give him water and you will unlock the trophy when you go to sleep.

Paranoid Edit


Shoot the Writhing Thing.

You will find the Writhing Thing inside a room in middle hallway of the basement. It doesn’t attack or hurt you. Just aim and shoot using your handgun.

Fearless Edit


Escape from The Doorman without using your flashlight.

During last section of the basement, you will need to activate an elevator to clear the main lobby. After you activated and pushed its call button, you will need to escape from The Doorman.

Turn off your flashlight if it’s on before you press the call button and follow this path:

  • Head left until you reach the illuminated entrance. Do not worry about the giant monster closing in on you and keep running left.
  • Head right until you reach illuminated door.
  • Go left all the way, there are no interactions.
  • Go left, get past all 8 rooms and go through the illuminated entrance.
  • Go all the way to the right. Do not interact with the door!
  • Head left and go through the first door you see.
  • Head all the way to right. Note that there will be a monster but it will disappear as you get close, so don’t waste a Flare.
  • Go a bit right and exit through the first illuminated door you see.

Patient Edit


Defeat Mother without using flairs.

Mother is the game’s last boss. You will face it after you go through a crashed bus.

You just need to stay alive and run around for a few minutes and it will go away on its own. Start by heading left when you start. When you reach the bars, wait for it to screech and wind up its razor arms. This is your opportunity to get to right side under its legs. Keep running left and right, pass to other side while it’s winding up and it will eventually go slowly to right side, leaving you alone.