"It's just like the one I had when I was young... And it's got a drum'n'bass cassette tape in it... Or maybe even a demo of some kind... It's hand-written... A tune I know, though... 'The Big Blue' by Sonic. Real smooth Northern soul, Manchester vibes. Space Recordings later release. It's been taped on both sides for some reason. Oh well, one tune is better than no tunes! And it's one I like! Better listen on the couch at home... "
— "You" upon examining it.

Obtained from The Director after examining the vinyl posted on the windows of the Picadilly Records store in the city. This item is only available in The Director's Cut on a New Game+. You can use this to play music on the couch in his apartment's kitchen. It uses up one battery. It also increases You's mental health.


While playing the Personal Stereo, You can say the following:

  • "Ah, that feels good..."
  • "I'm just gonna let it wash over me..."
  • "Firing."
  • "Rollin'."
  • "Baaaad."
  • "Sick, man. Sick."
  • "Heavy."
  • "Dotty."
  • "Sweet, sweet music."
  • "Man, I've missed my drum'n'bass..."
  • "It's not a bad tune to be my last..."