Man Who Wears a Box
Man who wears a box



Found in

Initial dream, Green Pill dream

A mysterious man with a box on his head, he tends to act like a quasi-mentor figure to "You", often asking vaguely philosophical questions and dispensing wisdom. He is a pacifist entity, a counterweight to the intractable aggression of The Man in Blue. He is the first living being encountered by You in the game.

The main character has to take a Green Pill and go to sleep in order to visit him. He gives you Battery during dream encounters, although a special such encounter is evoked upon running out of batteries for the very first time. Additionally, he provides you with some snacks, again when visiting him when you run out of food items.

One interpretation to the nature of the "Man who wears a box" is, according to Jasper Byrne himself, is that he represents the "Nurture" part of the Nature VS Nurture debate. In other words, he would represent that "You" is the sum of his choices and may not be dominated by his nature.


An encounter with MWWB in a Green Pill dream