Lone Survivor Lettuce Leaves

Lettuce Leaves as they appear in your inventory.

"Beautiful, crisp iceberg lettuce leaves. How they survived the outbreak, I'll never know. I'm just glad they're with me. Just need to find the right meal to add them to... I don't like them on their own."
— "You" when looking at it.

Lettuce Leaves are items in Lone Survivor, obtained from Benzido after offering him the Cat Plush (Sleepy Cat). This item is only available in The Director's Cut on a New Game+.

They can be eaten on their own or later combined with another food item. You can combine it with a Hamburger to create Dressed Hamburger, or a Cheeseburger to create Dressed Cheeseburger.

For the vegetarian option, you can combine it with a Tofuburger to create a Dressed Tofuburger, or with a Tofuburger with Cheese to create Dressed Tofuburger with Cheese.


  • Sane +3
  • Health +3
  • Food +3