"I feel pretty ill after that."
— "You" after eating Ground Meat.

Obtained by The Director if you have average/low mental health. He offers it to You as a snack as he plans to leave. It can also be obtained randomly inside the box at the Cozy Corner store. Ground Meat satisfies your hunger but negatively affects your psyche and may kill you if your health is very low. You will get the ground meat if your mental health is E- or lower.

You's CommentsEdit

  • heh... ground meat
  • "Ground up, er, ham."
  • "Ham of a sort."
  • "Ham-related."
  • "Hammy."
  • "This looks like a risky food."
  • "I'm not sure if this is gonna be any good."
  • "Ewww."
  • "SHAM... For all your luncheon needs."
  • "I think they eat this stuff in the army?"
  • "It's long-since gone out-of-date."