"A Superflat ESP. Haven't seen one of these for so many years! It has a game called Soul Brother. I don't know why I like it."
— "You" upon examining it.

Obtained from The Director after reaching The City in The Director's Cut. You can play a game of Soul Brother when used on the couch in his apartment's kitchen. It uses up one battery.

Playing a game once a day will increase your mental health, but playing too much will cause your mental health to decrease instead.


While playing the ESP, You will say three random things. The "/" represents a different possible sentence.

  • "Ah, ... He's too small to fit down there./Heh, look at that cow!/No way! That's impossible! Yeah. Unfriendly is the right word./Hehe, look at that little guy fly... Tweet tweet!/The cat's my favourite.../What is this orange one anyway?/Ah, where are the last two gems?/I hope I can get to the boss.../Bloody spikes everywhere!"
  • "If I can just get past this bit.../It's lucky there aren't limited continues.../Ah, I forgot about the bottom-bounce.../Damn, I can't get those ones in the sky!/The computer cheated!/Stupid game.../No way! I had it!!!/I'll never even get that far again.../I don't get what's up with these faces?/Oh, you can walk on the clouds!/I got the shiny!/Ah man, double-jump is the best..."
  • "What's this collectable for?/Why are there five?/Why 33?/I don't get the whole reincarnation thing.../It's just up here.../Now where was that cow again?/I need the bird to get up there.../Kobayashi is pretty cool in his way.../No point going back down there.../Battery's nearly out.../I need to get the orange one..."