Dreams are produced when you swallow a blue or a green pill. The dreams are basically conversations with the `Man Who Wears A Box´ and `Seated Figure´, having a dream will influence the final psych report. After a dream you will receive an item or two. The item received will depend on what pill you swallow.



Green Pill

It makes you have a dream with the `Man Who Wears a Box´.

He will give you  a battery if you don´t have or you have a little amount of them.

He will give you some food if you're hungry or if you have no 'proper' food, and will heal you a little bit.


Blue Pill

It makes you have a dream with the `Sitted Figure´.

He will give you twenty-one bullets if you haven´t got or you have a little amount of them.

Green DreamsEdit

First Dream:

You: Why are you wearing a box?

MWWAB: That`s a very good question. I`ll leave that for you to figure out.
You: Great.

Other dreams: (Right answers are in green)

You: Hello again.

MWWAB: Did you figure it out yet? Why I choose to wear a box?

To hide :

You: You wear it to hide?

MWWAB: It`s not as stupid answer as it sounds.

You`re ugly:

You: Because you´re deformed?

MWWAB: I may be, but that isn´t why I´m wearing a box.

Not sure:

You: I still don´t know.

MWWAB: If you can´t answer this, everything you try to do will fail. You´re not even close.

You: Will you take that god damn box off your head already?

MWWAB: I can´t be expected to do that, can I? Otherwise, why would they call me The Man Who Wears A Box?

They call you that?:

You: Really?

MWWAB: Does it matter?

It´s not your real name:

You: Like anyone would call you that!

MWWAB: You´re right about something. Now, start thinking... POW!

Tell me something useful! :

You: How do I get through this situation?!

MWWAB: Perhaps you are not as alone as you think. I always like to listen to the radio when I feel like that. Stick some jazz on, yeah baby.

You: Are you the one helping me?

MWWAB: I am what I am. We can only really help ourselves, wouldn´t you say? Is that something you´d agree with?


I agree:

You: I suppose you´re right.

MWWAB: It´s kind of sad if it has to be like that.

I disagree :

You: Sometimes we all need help. I know I do.

MWWAB: That´s right, if you open up. You might get hurt, you might get helped.

You´re talking rubbish!:

You: This is only a dream... I´m not listening to you.

MWWAB: You´ll never deal with me, unless you think on what I say.

MWWAB: You must suspect you´re not alone now. You even wrote it in your diary. Didn´t you?

I don´t have a diary:

You: You´re full of crap. I´m no writer...

MWWAB: That´s what YOU think.

I may have done :

You: I keep doing things without realising it.

MWWAB: Try reading it, then. Sometimes it´s good to remember what happened. I wouldn´t come and see me again for a while... If I was you.

I didn´t:

You: Someone keeps writing in my diary. It´s not me.

MWWAB: Face up to it. You´re no kind of man, otherwise.

If you need some food or you run out of batteries, the Man Who Wears A Box will say:

There`s no harm in trying.
I think you need a helping hand... Snack?
It looks like you´re in need of help. I can be useful in my ways...
I`ll give you a leg-up.
Don´t go out with an empty stomach. Or to bed for that matter.
You really must eat your greens.
Sleep is comfortless if you´re hungry.

Blue DreamsEdit

First Dream:

You: I suppose I'm meant to talk to you?
Sitted Figure: We are sat next to each other. But you don't feel like talking now.

You: That's true.

Second Dream:

You: Well, tell me what this is all about, then!

Sitted Figure: Surely you feel it in your gut...?

I'm on stage?:

You: Is that why I'm here? To perform?

Sitted Figure: Pointing out the obvious. Typical of you!

Some kind of interview?:

You: You want to know something?

Sitted Figure: I already know everything there is to know about you.

Not sure:

You: I still don´t know.

Sitted Figure

At least you realise that.

"Third Dream:

Sitted Figure: You know, you haven't evren asked me my name yet.

I don't wanna know:

You: I'm not playing your games. I don't care about your name!

Sitted Figure: You need to punch this world in the gut... fiercely!... god damnit!!

What does it matter?:

You: I'm dreaming... and you're not from my reality anyway. I don't need to know your name.

Sitted Figure: That's the spirit! Although you know my name just fine.

So what is it?:

You: You're obviously dying to tell me...

Sitted Figure

You know it as well as I do. I have always been with you.

Fourth Dream:

You: Not you aggaiin! Ugh, you really annoy me! You're not even real!

Sitted Figure: If I'm not real, why do you keep coming here?

Not by choice:

You: I only come here because I have to.

Sitted Figure: Yes, you have to.

The drugs?:

You: You want to know something? I do it because I like it. Because it's easy.

Sitted Figure: I don't get you. You make no sense to me.

I don't know:

You: I don't know why I'd ever want to see you.

Sitted Figure

You need me. I'm as much you as you are.

Fifth Dream:

Sitted Figure: I don't recognise you anymore. You look more like me than ever.

Don't flatter yourself!:

You: You're a dirty old man! I'm nothing like you!

Sitted Figure: You're wrong. Look past the age...

I... look like you?:

You: You're crazier than I thought! Or maybe you're right... and I'm the one who's crazy.

Sitted Figure: You're not ready to learn anything.

Who are you?:

You: You have to tell me who you are this time! Damnit!

Sitted Figure

That's more like it! Although as I said,you know my name just fine.

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