In Apartment 204, there are various markings on the walls of a girl that's of interest to You. Depending on certain factors, he has different things to say that can shed more light on his relationship with Her.


There are drawings taped to the wall in the beginning area that You can comment on.

High Mental Health:

  • "Drawings in black pencil of a girl about my age. She looks nice."
  • "I wonder who put these here? I wonder who she is? Is it supposed to be the same girl?"
  • "I like these pictures. They're nice. I wonder who she is?"
  • "They're child-like drawings, written in chalk. I could probably do better!"
  • "They're mostly of some girl."

Average Mental Health:

  • "Pathetic. Useless drawings, a waste of my time..."
  • "I don't have time to look at these hopeless scribbles."
  • "I'm not interested in these at all."

Low Mental Health:

  • "Ha ha ha ha ha."
  • "I'm through wasting my time with these."
  • "Some girl, I don't care who she is."
  • "I couldn't care less."

After about 2 packs of Fruit Drops:

  • "I need to remember her, ... it could be the answer to all of this."
  • "I think it's that girl I keep seeing."
  • "It's her."
  • "The girl in blue."
  • "I'm pretty sure I'm related to her in some way."

Chalk MarkingsEdit

Chalk markings

In the back room where you pick up the Gas Tank are some chalk drawings on the wall.

High Mental Health:

  • "It's a girl.... Wait, she has wings... An angel, perhaps?"
  • "The whole room's covered with chalk pictures. A girl with wings, hearts, clouds..."

Average/Low Mental Health:

  • "I see that girl. She's haunting me."
  • "It says 'angel'..."
  • "I know it's her..."
  • "I don't want to stare too long."

After about 2 packs of Fruit Drops:

  • "She's gone now..."
  • "I wish I could see her again, ... but I know she's gone."
  • "She was no angel ... but I loved her."

Two FiguresEdit

Two figures

In the room with The Director is a drawing of what appears to be two figures in an embrace. You makes no comment.