Chilled can of soda
"I have managed to hold onto this can long enough... to see the day that it gets chilled. I'm proud of myself!"
— one of two responses "You" can say when looking at it.

The Chilled Can of Soda affects your sanity in a positive way. However, it's not as good as Chilled Mexican Cola. Chilled Cans of Soda are not randomly scattered around The City or Apartment.

You can get this item by using Nitrogenous Oxide on a regular Can of Soda. Only available in The Director's Cut on a New Game+ as you need the Cat Key.


  • Sane +100
  • Health +95
  • Exhaustion -90


"You" will state upon drinking this:

"... Amazing! It's in a different league when it's this cold. I can hardly see from the carbon bite!"