There are few passive or human characters in the game, all of their existence apart from "You" is ambiguous.



'You' Edit

The main character, refered to in-game as "You", has been surviving in isolation for an unknown amount of time when the story begins. He occupies a room in apartment 206. Oddly enough, he claims that he is not the original inhabitant. (On the side note: "You" is wearing a surgical mask, not a huge smile.)

Man who wears a box

Man Who Wears a Box  Edit

A mysterious man with a box on his head. The main character has to take a Green Pill and go to sleep in order to visit him.

The director

The Director Edit

An elderly man living (hiding) in room 204. Supplies the main character with some items. The box to the left of the director has a cross on it, which means it may be the same box worn by the Man who Wears a Box. 


Hank Edit

A man who stays secluded inside his ammunition shop.He says he was bitten and is infected, but it's unclear whether it's that, or the drugs that are making him mentally unstable.

Hank is also seen as a much more vague representation of You's mental health as he can be encouraged to continue taking drugs or helped by being supplied with health tonics which improve his overall condition. Both physically, and mentally

Girl in blue dress

Girl in Blue DressEdit

She clearly has some sort of connection with the protagonist, but their relationship is vague at best, and speculative at worst. Your first encounter with the girl will be while exploring the apartment.

"She seems... familiar somehow."



An acquaintance of the main character who lives in apartment 203.

Man in blue

Man in BlueEdit

A seemingly elderly man wearing a blue shirt. The main character has to take a Blue Pill and go to sleep in order to visit him, with one exception: if you run out of ammunition while fighting monsters, you'll immediately appear before him. In this case he grants you some ammunition and you wake up in your bed as if nothing happened.

The white-faced man

The White-Faced ManEdit

A mysterious man who delivers cryptic messages to the main character. He is first met in Wing Court 1F back alley and tells you that he will reveal things during a third meeting. There are 2 encounters with him, second being the arcade, the third however never occurs though he can be briefly seen in a fading glimpse on screen during the green or white endings.


The CatEdit

A stray cat the main character encounters in the City. You can adopt him. A name can be given upon adoption, these include: Itchy, Sunny, Mini, Happy, and Sleepy.



A survivor who attends a party in Chie's apartment. He is an acquaintance of the player. When the player obtains the pistol, Benzido is found dead along with Kenny, being eaten by a couple of monsters.



Another survivor who attends a party in Chie's apartment room. He is later found dead after the player obtains a pistol.


Chuck the PlantEdit

A plant outside "You's" apartment. The player can choose to threaten "Him" with the scissors or water "Him", each having different effects on "You's" psyche.

"He" is a reference to the recurring joke of "Chuck the Plant" appearing in many LucasArts games.

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